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Please ring Deb on 01359 242343 to rehome a rabbit

RSPCA West Suffolk 
Rabbits wanting homes

0300 1234 999

(Rabbits cannot be reserved by e-mail)

Our Branch is run by volunteers so it is likely that you will get a recorded message when you ring. If you leave your details your call will be returned, and all enquiries will be taken in order, whether you live in our area or not.

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Tabbits Katie, Eve & Harry  
  Rabbits Fudge & Smudge
  Rabbits Gem & sapphire
  Rabbit Ben & Harriet
  Rabbits unwanted girls

Katie Eve & Harry


Fudge & Smudge


Gem & Sapphire


Ben & Harriet


Unwanted Girls

Rabbits of the Month

Rabbits of month Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail & Peter

Flopsy, Mopsy,
Cottontail & Peter



    Rabbit Megan
Rabbit Flipflop    



Rabbit of month Flora & children
  Grass time

Rabbit Lily

  Rabbit Betsy & Barney
  Rabbit Pixie

Flora & Children


Grass time Flora & Children








VHD2 Risk:

There is a new strain of VHD causing sudden death and illness in rabbits: VHD2. A vaccine is available for this and is now much cheaper than it was at first. If you have a pet rabbit die unexpectedly, please consult your vet. VHD2 is very hard to get rid of in the environment and may make it harder for us to rehome rabbits where there has been an undiagnosed sudden death.

Deb wsrspca










































We are in need of someone who would be interested in fostering ferrets.
For further information please mail:- leaving a contact number and someone will get back to you.

This seasonal video is sure to lift the spirits, featuring
lots of lovely clips of happy bunnies playing.
Giving your rabbits lots of attention, toys, objects to
play with and a suitable rabbit companion for
company  is good for their physical and emotional wellbeing... and can be great fun for owners too!

Watch the video now>>


If you would like us to
re-home your rabbit/s, provide a rescue rabbit/s with a home or find out more about looking after rabbits, please look at the rabbit link and/or telephone Deb on 01359 242343 for further information.

Rabbit info

Rabbit link


Click to see how our branch looks after rabbits prior to rehoming.
A hutch is not enough.
Rabbits Frankie & Charlie Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny.........

View Some Happy Bunnies
Convert a Wendy house Click to see how some of our adopters have set up areas for their rabbits. An unused shed and your garden could be cheaper and much better than a posh hutch and run off the internet!

Further information on rabbit care can be found on the RSPCA web site.