Please ring Victoria, 01842 860432 if you are interested in rehoming one of these dogs.

RSPCA West Suffolk
Other dogs that are not RSPCA dogs in the Bury St Edmunds area
that are looking for new homes

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 Dogs wanting homes



Other dogs that are not RSPCA dogs in the
Bury St Edmunds area that are looking for new homes.

(The RSPCA West Suffolk Branch has not checked the dogs medically or the descriptions which have been given by the owners)
Midnight Midnight is a black and tan Staffie cross, under a year, female. She is very attentive and affectionate. She is good with other dogs and with older children. (Reserved)

Rumour is a tri colour Lurcher under a year, male and entire. He is such a gentle well-mannered boy with love to give. He is good with other dogs and with children.

Tammy Tammy is a white and black Staffie cross, under a year, female. She is a loving young girl who is good with other dogs but will be better suited as the only pet and with older children.

Toby - Brindle male, neutered Staffie cross. He is a
well-tempered little fella who's good with other dogs and cats. Would be best suited in a home with older children.


Chance -  White and Black male, entire Staffie. He has a loving nature and would be perfect for a home with no other pets and older children.


Teddy- is a 6 year old Staffie cross, male. He has a loving nature, and just want cuddles. He's great on the lead and very obedient. He would be better with older children and is good with cats.

Kujo Kujo - is a 3 year Alaskan Malamute male, entire. He is looking for a family who is experienced with his breed due to his size. He is good with dogs not with cats.

Buddy - a year old Shar-Pai cross, tan and black and male. He is an energetic young man who would love an active family with older children with no other pets.


Daisy Daisy- 2 year old Cross breed, female. She has a loving character and loves playing ball.
She's had some training and will be suited with a family with older children and good with other dogs.

Reiley - Black and white male border collie, 4 years old. He would make a great companion for someone who loves long walks with no children and he's good with other dogs. 


Milo Milo- a 5 month old Staffie, male. He has a sweet, calm nature and will need puppy classes. He'll be ideal to be brought up with a family atmosphere. Rehomed
These dogs are not RSPCA dogs. If you would like to give one of them a loving home please ring
Victoria at Pine Farm Kennels on 01842 860432