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Please ring Wendy, Pat or Mike, 01284 703807 if you are interested in rehoming one of these dogs

RSPCA West Suffolk
Dogs wanting homes

0300 1234 999

(Dogs cannot be reserved by e-mail)

Our Branch is run by volunteers so it is likely that you will get a recorded message when you ring. If you leave your details your call will be returned, and all enquiries will be taken in order, whether you live in our area or not.

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Our branch requires fosterers so that our animals can live in a home environment before they are rehomed. Please ring Pat our Dog Fostering Co-ordinator  01284 729056 if you would like to help. Please click on the picture for more information.

We urgently require voluntary homecheckers and would like to hear from anybody who would be able to home check anywhere in our Branch area. For information please contact the cat voluntary rehoming line on 0300 330 1405.

Other dogs that are not RSPCA dogs in
the Bury St Edmunds area that are looking for new homes.


Please ring Pat our  Fostering Co-ordinator  01284 703807 if you would like to help.

Roxy   Honey sitting
  Annie   Dog of month Tommie   Spike & Teddie





Annie's sad story.




Could you permanently foster


Spike &




Dog of the Month

Sam Dog of month



RSPCA will cover costs.






  Photograph to follow   Basil     Grumpy old man    Rosie




  Rehomed   Rehomed  



We require foster people in the Bury St Edmunds area who are able to take dogs who have problems, either they are not able to get on with other dogs or cats (or both) are not young child friendly or perhaps the dog has had a traumatic experience and needs that extra special care and attention. It is very helpful if you are able to take the dog to the vets when necessary. The RSPCA will supply the dogs needs and pay the vets fees. It is a very rewarding thing to do and you will be highly rewarded when you see your charge go off to his/her forever home a happy, contented well-adjusted pooch! Please ring Pat 01284-729056 for more information.





























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