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I was at Flatford today and I was watching the swans happily gliding along the river until me and my family spotted a fishing line caught in one of the cygnets mouths. It carried on hunting for food underwater and the fishing line was getting more and more tangled up. My Granny told a boatman, and he managed to tempt the cygnet towards him with a croissant  ,and hold it tightly by the beak whilst my Dad clipped the fishing line off. If we hadn't been going to Flatford that day that cygnet could have been killed. So please, please do not drop fishing lines in the water as this kills the wildlife that live in the river.

I have a rescue dog called Smudge and he is 8 years old. He always wants to be cuddled and he often jumps on my bed in the morning and burrows under the sheets. I often look at your web site and feel sorry for the animals that people no longer want. Amy